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Are credit cards for fair credit a bad idea in a recession?

We all know how tight banks have gotten with lending over the past 24 months. Before that credit cards were handed out like candy, but today even having excellent credit doesn’t always guarantee approval. Meanwhile it has been next to impossible for those with poor or fair credit to get a half-way decent card. That [...]

What are the primary payday loan objectives

When we consider how spinouts go about their exit planning, it is instructive to consider the differences between them and other small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) about which most of this book has been written. We will begin with business objectives. typical SME in the UK will be solely owned, or have co-owners working full [...]

Having an edge in a bad credit history situation

The Higher Education Funding Council for England {HEFCE) was established in 1992 to administer public funds made available for the provision of teaching and research and related activities in higher education institutions. In 1995 the HEFCE commissioned RSM Robson Rhodes to conduct a study of related companies operating within the higher education sector, and to [...]

Preparing for a payday loan funding round

Spinouts also face the same problems in achieving a successful exit as other SMEs; and most of the exit planning issues I have covered in this book will apply equally to them. Where they are different, perhaps, is in the number of times they will seek investment through the various funding ’rounds’ that are an [...]

Credit spinouts are something to look forward to

University spinout companies are usually set up by academics wishing to commercialise their research, supported by the university where the research has been undertaken. The university will usually own the intellectual property (IP) arising out of the research undertaken by its employed academics. The university will typically hold its shares through a special purpose company, [...]

Is credit a good source of capital?

If, after thorough analysis of your capital requirements, you still believe your business needs extra funding, be it for expansion, capital equipment, or working capital, you now need to consider the following: a) Is the capital a long-term requirement, or a short-term one? b) Do you personally have the resources (assets or security) to provide [...]

Loan – when you need capital influx

For an established business there are usually two reasons why additional capital is required. The first is for business growth or expansion (either through acquisition or organic growth) and the second is to fund trading losses. The questions you need to ask yourself are whether you really need the extra money and whether you can [...]

Risks involved in credit taking

Before we consider the alternatives to having co-owners, I wish to make the general point that there are always potential risks in having co-owners in a business and that you should be sure that the advantages of having them outweigh the disadvantages. Two of the most obvious risks with having co-owners are as follows: The [...]

Why take a credit with co-owners involved?

Where you are considering having a co-owner, you have an opportunity before committing to this path of evaluating the pros and cons of this proposition. In this regard, it might assist you to consider why others have thought if necessary to work with co-owners. When I have asked business owners why they thought they needed [...]

How co-owners affect your credit

Co-owners in a business are either shareholders (who own shares in a company), or partners (who own interests in the capital of a partnership). Co-owners should be distinguished from directors and employees, who may or may not be shareholders, no matter how senior or important they may be. Co-owners can be passive shareholders, such as [...]

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